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Locating the Owner of the Booked Asset

Use the Availability Gantt chart to determine who holds the booking for an asset.

This task is a step in Process of Booking Hospitality Assets.

To determine who has reserved an asset

  1. Navigate to the Functions screen > Functions list view.
  2. In the Functions list, query for and select the required function.
  3. In the Function record, click the link in the function Name field.
  4. In the Function Line Items list, select the required line item.
  5. Scroll down and click the Assets view tab.
  6. In the Assets list, select the asset, and note the asset number.
  7. Click the Availability view tab to display a Gantt chart that shows the available assets for the selected inventory.
  8. Locate the asset using the asset number that you noted in Step 6, and select the day and time period for the reservation.
  9. Position the mouse cursor over the highlighted area in the asset record.

    The asset record shows the existing reservation's Quote Name, starting and ending date and times, and the setup and tear-down time.

  10. Contact the owner of the booked asset, and determine if the asset can be shared.
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