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Visibility Rules and the Function Space Diary

The information that can be viewed in the Function Space Diary depends on the user's assigned responsibility, and associated visibility rules. The appropriate views must be added to each responsibility. Table 25 lists user responsibilities and the type of records they are able to access according to the visibility rule associated with each responsibility.

In the diary, each user is given the maximum possible visibility by default. For example, if a property user goes to a diary view, this user can only view bookings made for the property assigned to him.

Table 25. User Visibility
Visibility Rule

Property user

Users that have a specific property assigned to them can see only bookings relating to that particular property.

Cluster user

Users that are members of a specific cluster can see only bookings that relate to that particular cluster.

Administrator user

Administrators can see bookings for all appropriate organization properties.

See Using Siebel Tools for more information on how to add views to user responsibilities.

Typically, users (for example, a sales representative) can view diary information for their own assigned properties as well as any properties assigned to a cluster with which their login ID is associated. Administrators can typically view diary information for properties across all organizations.

NOTE:  Clusters can be used to prevent hotels of the same chain from viewing each other's Function Space Diary, thereby gaining an inappropriate competitive advantage.

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