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Inventory Critical Fields at the Room Block Level

Inventory critical fields also exist at the room block level. In a process similar to that which occurs at the function level, the system monitors for changes and verifies that the records are valid after each update. If multiple updates occur for a reserved room block record, a message appears that provides a suggested course of action.

Date and Time Changes

When the user updates either the Date or the Day # field for a reserved room block, the same process occurs as when changes are made at the function level. For more information, see Inventory Critical Fields at the Function Level.

Room Block Changes and Availability Checks

When the user increases the room block for a reserved room block record, a message alerts the user that an availability check must be performed. The standard reservation process is followed, and the user can either save the changes with a Reserved or Unreserved Inventory Status, or click Cancel to restore the original Blocked values.

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