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Inventory Critical Fields at the Function Level

Modifications to several fields in the function record can affect inventory. If multiple updates are made to a reserved function, the system alerts the user that additional actions must be performed.

Date and Time Changes

Whenever the user changes the values for Start Time, Duration, Date, and Day #, and attempts to save the function record, a message provides a suggested course of action.

Users can configure the application to eliminate the reminder dialog box, or they can set up a process that automatically checks availability. See To configure availability status checking for more information.

When the user sees the following message, the user can proceed with the reservation by clicking OK.

Function parameters have changed. Would you like to check availability with new parameters?

Two results are possible after the availability check:

  • The function space is still available with the updated parameters (Date, Start Time, or Duration) and the function space is automatically reserved with the new value. The Inventory Status is set to Reserved, and the updated parameters are saved.
  • The reservation is not possible, and the user sees the following message:

    The availability check has failed. Click OK to save, or Cancel to undo.

If the user clicks OK, the updated parameter remains, and the Inventory Status becomes Unreserved. If the user selects Cancel, the system restores the original parameters, and the Inventory Status remains as Reserved.

To configure availability status checking

  1. Log into Siebel Tools as an administrator.
  2. In the Object Explorer, navigate to Applet.
  3. Query for the appropriate function or room block applet (for example TNT SHM Functions List Applet or TNT SHM Room Blocks List Applet).
  4. Navigate to Applet > Applet User Prop.
  5. Query for the Check Availability Status User.
  6. In the Value field, enter the appropriate information.
    • If you do not enter any value for this field, the reminder dialog box is displayed to the user.
    • If you enter Yes as the value, the automatic availability check is performed and no reminder dialog box is displayed.
    • If you enter No as the value, no reminder dialog box is displayed and no automatic availability check is performed.
  7. Recompile and replace the SRF.

Function Space and Setup Style Combination

The user can see the setup styles associated with the specific space on a particular property from the Property Administration screen's Specific Space view, which includes a Setup Style list. Setup Styles are created by the administrator during property administration. For more information, see Creating Property-Specific Setup Styles and Associating Packages.

The user can update either the function space or setup style fields using the Quote Function view. When the user updates either of these fields, the system attempts to validate the Setup Style-Function Space combination. If the combination is invalid, the following message appears:

Invalid combination of function space and setup style.

If the Setup Style is changed and the Setup Style-Function Space combination is valid, the system saves the value selected in the Setup Style field.

If the function space is changed for a reserved function and the Setup Style-Function Space combination is valid, the system saves the selected values.

Function Status and Released Inventory

When the user changes the Function Status field value to a value that releases inventory, the Inventory Status field is updated to Unreserved. The function status values that result in released inventory are:

  • Cancel
  • Lost/Turndown

NOTE:  If the user changes the Function Status value to Lost/Turndown, inventory is released for all function spaces.

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