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Quotes Associated with Nonparticipating Properties Finalization Process

The process of finalizing a quote for a nonparticipating property is the same as that for any other quote, and the following tasks are performed:

  1. The sales representative generates an agreement based on the existing information for the quote.
  2. The customer accepts the quote and sends back the signed contract.
  3. The sales representative turns the quote to a status of Definite. In order to turn the quote to Definite, all function and room block line items must have a status of Reserved. However, if the function or room block has been cancelled, then these line items may have a status of Unreserved.
  4. All other properties for the quote are automatically turned to a status of Lost.
  5. If the sales representative changes the status of the quote to Lost or Turndown, then all inventory associated with the quote is released.
  6. The sales representative completes the turnover checklist.
  7. The sales representative passes the turnover checklist on to the nonparticipating property.

For more information about each of these tasks, see Process of Finalizing a Quote and Managing Turnover.

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