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About Orders and Nonparticipating Properties

Orders for nonparticipating properties are handled in a similar way as other orders. For more information, see Process of Generating and Managing Event Orders. This process is as follows:

  1. The sales representative generates a primary order.
  2. The sales representative generates function orders.
  3. (Optional) The sales representative changes the primary event order associated with a function.
  4. The sales representative associates event orders with a function line item.
  5. The sales representative creates functions from the orders screen.
  6. The sales representative can view all line items associated with an order.
  7. The sales representative adds notes to an order.
  8. The sales representative adds attachments to an order.

However, there are a number of differences when dealing with orders for nonparticipating properties than with orders for participating properties as follows:

  • Pricing for orders associated with NPPs does not work.
  • Autobooking of critical resources does not work, as availability checks are not performed.
  • Event Checks are not generated for orders associated with NPPs.
  • At the Order stage for NPPs, functions cannot be optioned or overbooked, and cannot use the next fit functionality. This means that the Option, Overbook, and Next Fit buttons are disabled for order functions associated with NPPs.
  • At the Order stage for NPPs, function line items cannot be double-booked, and it is not possible to reprice items. This means that the Double Book, Reprice, and Reprice All buttons are disabled for order line items associated with NPPs.
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