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Using Rapid Room Block

When creating an opportunity with a customer, a sales representative may want to fill out room block information without keeping the customer supplying details on the phone for a long time. A sales representative can use Rapid Room Block for fast entry of room block information.

This task is a step in Adding Room Block Information to an Event Opportunity.

To capture room block information using Rapid Room Block

  1. When you have created an opportunity, click the link in the # of Nights field. The Rapid Room Block view tab is displayed.
  2. In the Room Blocks list, create a new room block.

    For more information on how to create a new room block, see Adding Room Blocks to an Opportunity.

  3. In the Rapid Room Blocks list, click Create.

    The Rapid Room Blocks list is automatically populated with a record for each generic room type at the property. For each room type, there is a field for each day for which the rooms are blocked. In this field, you may specify the number of rooms of that type required for that day.

    NOTE:  You can only use the Create button once to create the initial record. After you have used the button to create the initial record, it becomes unavailable for use.

  4. For each required room type, enter the amount of rooms to be reserved for each night of the room block, and save each record.
  5. When you have entered the information for each room block using Rapid Room Block, click the Room Block view tab.

    The room block information entered using Rapid Room Block automatically appears in this view, where it can be further modified if necessary.

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