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Selecting Properties for the Event Opportunity

After an opportunity is created for an event, the event sales representative selects one or more appropriate properties, and then generates a quote for each property.

The customer may be interested in reserving a specific property for the event, or the customer may have general requirements that need to be met by the property. If only general attributes are specified by the customer, then the sales representative searches for a property that meets the requirements. The sales representative may use the Property Locator and the Property Screen to locate an appropriate property. If an appropriate property is identified, the sales representative can add the property to the Opportunity Properties list.

To select properties for an event, you can do the following:

NOTE:  If you already know the property that you want to select for the event opportunity (for example, the customer may specify a particular property), you do not need to use the Property Locator or Property screen.

This task is a step in Process of Capturing Hospitality Opportunities.

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