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Using the Opportunity Explorer

The Opportunity Explorer can be used to view details about all opportunities in the system. However, it may be especially useful when dealing with recurring events and host-affiliate opportunities. The Opportunity Explorer allows you to view details about an opportunity by selecting the opportunity in an explorer window and then using the folders in the explorer window to view the details.

Figure 8 shows the Opportunity Explorer window with a hierarchical list of subopportunities contacts, products, partners, quotes, activities, and notes associated with a particular opportunity. Each opportunity subfolder provides a list of relevant records, and the user can drill down to a particular record for more details.

Figure 8. Opportunity Explorer Window
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This task is a step in Process of Capturing Hospitality Opportunities.

To use the opportunity explorer

  1. Navigate to the Opportunities screen > Opportunity Explorer view.
  2. In the Opportunities list, query for and select the opportunity record in the Explorer pane on the left side of the screen.
  3. Use the opportunity subfolders to review the opportunity details.
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