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Adding Property Records

After airports, booking centers, and addresses are created, an administrator can use the Property Administration screen to add properties.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Properties.

To add a property record

  1. Navigate to the Property Administration screen > Properties list view.
  2. In the Properties list, create a record, complete the required fields, and save the record.
  3. Click the show more button to view more fields.

    The following table describes some of the fields.


    # of Guest Rooms

    The number of guest rooms at the property.

    # of Meeting Rooms

    The number of meeting rooms at the property.

    Airport Shuttle Service

    Indicates whether or not there is a shuttle bus from the property to the airport.


    Select one or more airports from a predefined list. For more information about adding airports, see Setting Up Guest Conveniences.

    Alternate Transportation

    Create one or more alternate means of transport to and from the property using the multi-value picklist. For the alternative transport, you must specify the following information:

    • Mode of transport
    • Description of the alternate transport
    • The fee for the transport
    • Whether or not the customer must reserve the transport prior to use

    Area UOM

    The unit of measure that should be used for the property (square feet or square meters).

    Booking Centers

    The reservation booking centers associated with a property. Booking centers are defined in the Guest Conveniences Administration screen.


    The property's corporate brand.

    Bus Parking

    Indicates whether or not parking for buses is available at the property.

    CRS Code

    The property's Central Reservation System code.


    The currency used by the property.


    A description of the property.

    Downtown Distance

    The distance in kilometers to the nearest retail center. You can enter a number to this field.

    Driving Directions

    Instructions on how to drive to the property.

    Execution System

    The event management system that is installed at the property.

    Largest Space

    The name of the meeting room with the largest physical area.

    Main Fax #

    The main fax number at the property.

    Main Phone #

    The main phone number at the property.

    Market Tier

    Classification of property based on type of customer that the property caters to. Examples are:

    • Luxury
    • Quality
    • Moderate
    • Economy
    • Extended Stay

    Mobile Star

    The Mobile Star rating of the property. Mobile Star is an industry-recognized rating system for lodging products.

    Nearest Airport

    Select the nearest airport from a predefined list. You cannot select an airport in this field unless you have first added airports to the Airports field.

    Nearest Airport Distance

    This value is automatically populated based on the selection in the Nearest Airport field.

    Nearest Major City

    The nearest major city to the property.

    Nearest Major Highway

    The nearest major highway.

    Neighborhood Location

    Select the value that generally describes the neighborhood. For example, urban, suburban, and rural.


    The property is considered nonparticipating, and availability and pricing checks are not performed for the property.

    Opening Date

    The date the property opened (or is expected to open) for business.


    Indicates that the property is not yet open, but event sales are underway for future dates.

    Price List

    The price list associated with this property. This price list becomes the default price list for events held at the property and is automatically associated with any orders and quotes created for the event. For more information, see Pricing Administration Guide.


    The property name.

    Property Team

    The team assigned to this property location. The primary team member defaults to the user creating the property record. For more information about property teams, see Updating the Property Team.

    Property Type

    The type of property. For example, Resort, Extended Stay, or Meeting/Convention. The default is Corporate/Transient.

    Service Level

    The service level of the hotel. For example, Extended Stay, Full Service, or Limited Service.

    Shuttle to Downtown

    Indicates whether or not there is a shuttle bus from the property to the downtown area.

    Time Zone

    The time zone in which the property is located.

    Total Floors

    The total number of floors in the property.

    Web Address

    The Web site address (URL) for the property.


    This check box flag is used for weekend-weekday pricing purposes. This controls whether or not weekend rates will be used.

    Year Built

    The year that the property was constructed.

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