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Process of Setting Up Properties

The following list shows the procedures that administrators typically perform to set up properties using Siebel Hospitality. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

NOTE:  This process is carried out as much as possible for nonparticipating properties. That is, all information available to you about NPPs should be used to build up the property's profile.

Administrator Procedures

To set up properties, perform the following procedures:

  1. Defining Airports and Booking Centers
  2. Creating Addresses for Properties
  3. Setting Up Guest Conveniences
  4. Adding Property Records
  5. Setting Up Nonparticipating Properties
  6. Defining Property Facilities and Room Service Attributes
  7. Defining Property Day Parts
  8. Updating the Property Team
  9. Defining the Property's Neighborhood Characteristics
  10. Defining the Property Profile
  11. Defining Property Policies
  12. Adding Property Floor Plans
  13. Creating Sell Notes for a Property
  14. Setting Up Special Dates for a Property
  15. Viewing the Property Calendar
  16. Setting Up Property Clusters
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