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Generating Affiliate Quotes

Affiliate quotes can only be generated after the Sales Status of the host quote is set to Definite. At this stage, affiliates can confirm that they are associated with the opportunity.

This task is a step in Generating Quotes from Host-Affiliate Opportunities.

To generate an affiliate quote

  1. Define the required host quote as described in Process of Managing Property-Specific Event Quotes.
  2. Review the quote details with the host company, and if the host company is satisfied with this quote, perform the following steps:
    1. Navigate to the Quotes view tab for the host opportunity.
    2. In the quote record, set the Sales Status field to Definite.

      NOTE:  If the Quote Sales Status Model is enabled, and the Threshold Profit Variance is less than or equal to zero, you cannot change the Sales Status to Definite until you have changed the Evaluation Status of the quote to Approved. If the Quote Sales Status Model is enabled and the Thresholds Profit Variance is greater than zero, or if the Quote Sales Status Model is not enabled, then the Evaluation Status does not need to be changed to Approved to upgrade the quote status to Definite. To set the Evaluation Status to Approved, navigate to the Evaluations view tab of the host opportunity, and change the status to Approved.

  3. Click the Affiliate Opportunities view tab.
  4. Select the required opportunity (or opportunities), and click Create Quote.

    The quote or quotes is created, and the Affiliated Opportunities > Quotes view is displayed, showing the property and quote associated with the subopportunity.

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