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About Property-Specific Quotes

After the event sales representative generates a quote for each property, the opportunity phase of event planning ends, and the quote phase begins.

The opportunity is used to capture customer information about the event that may be applicable to a number of properties. Based on the information, quotes are generated, and the generic information is transformed to property-specific information. Quotes incorporate the availability and pricing response from each property, given the generic requirements captured during the opportunity stage.

Creating a property quote from the Opportunity screen's Properties view launches several system processes. Figure 9 shows an example of a typical process flow.

Figure 9. Generate Quote Processes
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As shown in Figure 9, when a quote is generated, the following processes occur:

  • Opportunity information is transferred to the quote. This includes notes, billing information and macro estimates.
  • The generic products detailed in the opportunity are mapped to property-specific products.

    NOTE:  This only occurs if the product mapping has been defined. For more information, see Mapping a Generic Catering Product to a Property-Specific Product.

  • Room block information, room blocks, and line items from the opportunity are transferred to the Quote's Room Block views. In addition, the property availability check is launched to determine the availability of specified rooms. As part of this process, generic sleeping rooms are mapped to specific sleeping room types. A best-fit algorithm is also launched for function space availability. This algorithm translates the generic requirements for functions and then maps them to property-specific function spaces.

    NOTE:  If the bypass flag has been set for any of the properties, the function space availability and the sleeping room availability checks are skipped.

  • After the availability check is completed, the pricing process occurs.
  • An asset inventory check for critical catering products is performed.

Quotes and the Best Fit Process

When you generate a quote, several process are launched as shown in Figure 9. One part of the reservation of function space inventory is the best fit process. The best fit process attempts to match a function space at the property with the most suitable function space by taking into account the size of the function room required, the amount of people attending, and the product features associated with the function space. If a function space is not found by the best fit process, then it is possible to simply associate a function with a function space manually.

Quotes and Nonparticipating Properties

For nonparticipating properties, generic products (line items and room blocks) are not mapped to property-specific products. Instead, the generic agenda is replicated in the quote's line items view.

Pricing information is not associated with room blocks, and the availability check for both room blocks and function space is not performed. Also, the critical asset inventory check is not performed.

NOTE:  It is advised that one sleeping room is created for NPPs, and that this sleeping room is mapped to a generic sleeping room. This is so that when the quote is generated, a line item from the opportunity may be mapped to the sleeping room at the NPP. For more information, see Setting Up Nonparticipating Properties.

When a quote is generated for a non-participating property, the NSO, EBC, or whoever creates the quote must provide details to the NPP about the opportunity, and must then request pricing and availability information.

For more information about nonparticipating properties, see Managing Nonparticipating Properties.

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