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Application Methods for Browser Script

Table 58 lists a summary of the Application methods' syntax.

Table 58. Application Methods Syntax Summary

ActiveApplet Method

Returns the name of the applet that has input focus.

var applet;
applet = TheApplication().ActiveApplet();

ActiveBusComp Method

Returns the business component associated with the active applet.

var busComp;
busComp = theApplication().ActiveBusComp();

ActiveBusObject Method

Returns the business object for the business component of the active applet.

var busObject;
busObject = theApplication().ActiveBusObject();

ActiveViewName Method

Returns the name of the active view.

var viewName;
viewName = theApplication().ActiveViewName();

FindApplet Method

Returns the applet object identified in the argument.

var applet;
applet = theApplication().FindApplet(appletName);

GetProfileAttr Method

Returns the value of an attribute in a user profile.

var sAttr;
sAttr = theApplication().GetProfileAttr(name);

GetService Method

Instantiates and returns a new instance of the service specified in the argument.

var svc;
svc = theApplication().GetService(serviceName);

InvokeMethod Method

Calls the named specialized method.

var outPs;
outPs = theApplication().InvokeMethod(methodName, inputPropSet);

Name Method

Returns name of the application.

var appName;
appName = theApplication().Name();

NewPropertySet Method

Constructs and returns a new property set object.

var PropSet;
PropSet = theApplication().NewPropertySet();

SetProfileAttr Method

Used in personalization to assign values to attributes in a user profile.

theApplication().SetProfileAttr(name, value);

SWEAlert Method

Displays a modal dialog box containing a message to the user.


Table 59 lists a summary of the Application Events syntax.

Table 59. Application Events Syntax Summary

Application_InvokeMethod Event

Called after a specialized method is invoked.

Application_InvokeMethod (name, inputPropSet)

Application_PreInvokeMethod Event

Called before a specialized method is invoked.

Application_PreInvokeMethod (name, inputPropSet)

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