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Business Service Methods for Java Data Bean

Table 42 lists a summary of the SiebelService methods' syntax.

Table 42. SiebelService Methods Syntax Summary

GetFirstProperty Method

Retrieves the name of the first property of a business service.

String getFirstProperty()

GetNextProperty Method

Once the name of the first property has been retrieved, retrieves the name of the next property of a business service.

String getNextProperty()

GetProperty Method

Retrieves the value stored in the specified property.

String getProperty(String propName) throws SiebelException

InvokeMethod Method

Calls a specialized method or a user-created method on the business service.

boolean invokeMethod(String methodName, SiebelPropertySet inputPropertySet, SiebelPropertySet outputPropertySet) throws SiebelException

Name Method

Returns the name of the business service.

String Name()

PropertyExists Method

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the property specified in the argument exists.

boolean propertyExists(String propName) throws SiebelException

Release Method

Enables the release of the Business Service and its resources on the Siebel Server.

void release()

RemoveProperty Method

Removes a property from a business service.

void removeProperty(String propName) throws SiebelException

SetProperty Method

Assigns a value to a property of a business service.

void setProperty(String propName, String propValue) throws SiebelException

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