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What's New in This Release

What's New in Object Types Reference, Version 7.8

Table 1 lists changes in this version of the documentation to support release 7.8 of the software.

Table 1. What's New in Object Types Reference, Version 7.8

New object types


New object types include:

  • Assignment Object Extension
  • Dynamic Candidate Component
  • Dynamic Candidate Component Col

For more information about these object types, see Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide.

Assignment Object properties

See Assignment Object (H).

  • Updated property descriptions
  • Added new properties:
    • Assignment Date Column
    • Employee Key Column
    • Org Key Column
    • Position Key Column
  • Added a new List Applet column to the Properties table to show disparate naming conventions
Additional Changes

This version of the documentation also contains the following general changes:

  • Terminology changes:
    • Siebel Business Applications replaces Siebel eBusiness Applications
    • Incorporate Custom Layout replaces Preserve Custom Layout.

      There are references in the Upgrade Behavior property of several object types.

    • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) replaces eBusiness Application Integration
  • The Dynamic Candidate assignment object type definitions and usage have changed.

    As of version 7.8, the Dynamic Candidate Attribute object type is no longer used, however, this object type remains in the repository for upgrade purposes. Use the Dynamic Candidate Component Col object type instead.

  • Miscellaneous property name and definition changes.
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