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Associating Competencies with a Job Profile

After the appropriate job profiles are created, you can associate the competencies with each profile. A job profile can be associated with multiple competencies. A competency can also be associated with multiple job profiles.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Competency Management.

To add a competency to a job profile

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Competency screen Job Profile Administration > Required Competencies view.
  2. In the Job Profiles list, query for a job profile, drill down on the name, and then click the Required Competencies view tab.
  3. In the Required Competencies list, add a record.
  4. From the Name field, locate the skill you want to associate with the job profile.
  5. In the Required Level field, select the skill level required for the job profile.

    For example, if you are associating a product knowledge competency with a Receptionist job profile, you can require a lower level than you would if you were setting up the Customer Support Specialist job profile.

  6. In the Criticality field, select a rating that indicates the importance of the selected skill for the job profile.
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