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Navigating the Compensation Planning Screen (Managers)

From the Compensation Planning screen, managers can make compensation recommendations, review compensation plan submission status, the budget status, and plans for direct and indirect reports, as well as approve, decline and submit plans. Managers also can view compensation plan and budget details, check and adjust the direct report's fit with overall team ratings, and enter compensation details for each component using the view tabs.

Navigation Bar Links

The navigation bar at the top of the screen provides links to employee compensation information. Table 6 describes the links.

Table 6. Compensation Planning Screen Navigation Links
Navigation Link

My Workbook List

Shows the My Compensation Plans list from which the user can query for additional plans and a form that provides details about the selected compensation plan.

Team Workbook List

Shows read-only budget information about the selected compensation plan (Budget view). From the Compensation Plans list the user can query for additional compensation plans and then approve, decline, or submit the selected compensation plan.

Team Summary List

Shows read-only compensation summary information for each of the compensation plan owner's direct reports. Details include eligibility, the job code, annual rating, current salary, merit percentage, and compa ratio for each selected employee.

Support Team Workbook List

Lists members of the support team associated with the manager's team of direct reports. Details include the support team member's position, responsibility, and the employee type.

Support Team Summary List

Shows compensation details for each member of the support team, including compensation eligibility, salary information, compa ration, and so on.

Compensation Components Views

The Compensation Plans list consist of the compensation plans owned by the manager. By selecting a compensation plan and then clicking on an associated view tab, the manager can view and modify performance and compensation information for each direct report. Table 7 describes the views.

Table 7. Compensation Planning and Performance Ratings Views
View Tab


Provides ratings distribution information for the compensation plan owner, and for each of the plan owner's direct reports. For more information on adjusting ratings, see Working with Ratings Distributions.


Provides read-only information such as the total budget, the planned compensation, and the remaining budget for each compensation plan component (Merit, Promotion, Variable Pay, and Stock).


Allows base pay increases based on a combination of sustained high performance in the current position, current position in assigned salary range, competitiveness of the organization's compensation plans, and company financial performance.

The Merit list provides a list of employees eligible for merit compensation. Detailed compensation information associated with the selected employee appears in a subview form. By drilling down on the Last Name link for the direct report, the manager can view the report's compensation history. By drilling down on the Rating link, the manager can see a review summary, view the direct report's objectives, and delegate the review to the to the next-level manager.



Used to reclassify an employee to a job that requires a higher level of skill, competency and responsibility. A promotion must be accompanied by increased job scope, impact, and management responsibility or span of control.

Employees are typically promoted to the next level in their career path. A promotion may or may not be accompanied by change in compensation. If compensation is warranted, the amount should place the employee at the minimum of the new salary range, and the amount should not exceed the maximum of the new range.

Variable Pay

Short term, discretionary bonus payment. This compensation may reflect the organization's overall performance and takes into account an employee's annual performance contribution.


Provides the employee with an opportunity for long-term equity in the organizations and is awarded to recognize performance and future leadership potential.

Recommendations Status

Lists all compensation plans owned by the manager and the status of the submitted plan.


Provides a text field for supporting comments to justify compensation or promotion.

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