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Defining 360-Degree Evaluation Forms

You use the Evaluation Forms view to associate 360-degree evaluation-type review components with specific evaluation forms. You can define a different 360-degree evaluation form for each type of work relationship that exists between evaluators and individuals who are evaluated.

For example, the form used for a peer evaluation can differ significantly from the form used for an upward evaluation. The definition of the 360-degree evaluation forms is administered using Siebel SmartScript.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Objectives and Reviews.

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To define evaluation forms

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Performance Management screen > Review Configuration view.
  2. From the visibility filters, select Review Components.
  3. In the Review Components list, select the review component, and then click the Evaluation Forms view tab.
  4. In the Evaluation Forms list, add a record, complete the fields, and then save the record.

    The following table describes the fields in the evaluation form record.



    The name of the 360-degree evaluation type.


    The sequence number of the evaluation type.


    The type of the 360-degree evaluation. Types include:

    Manager. The evaluator is the superior to the employee that is being evaluated (downward evaluation).

    Subordinate. The evaluator is the subordinate of the employee that is being evaluated (upward evaluation).

    Peer. The evaluator is a peer of the employee that is being evaluated (peer evaluations).

    Colleague. The employee that is being evaluated is a colleague of the evaluator.


    The SmartScript that is used as the 360-degree evaluation form for the 360 degree evaluation type. The Pick SmartScript dialog box only lists SmartScripts with a 360-degree evaluation type of SmartScripts.

Repeat this procedure to create as many evaluation forms as necessary.

Figure 3 shows the Evaluation Forms list including peer, colleague, subordinate, and manager evaluation types.

Figure 3. Evaluation Forms List
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