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Navigating the Manager's Performance Dashboard

In addition to providing links to the manager's individual performance views, the manager's performance dashboard provides links to the performance of direct reports and next-level direct reports. The Delegated Approvals list shows all approvals that are delegated to other managers, the type of delegation (objectives or review approvals) and the status of the delegated approval. The 360-degree Evaluations list shows the status of the scheduled evaluations.

The left navigation bar provides links to other screens and views that the manager can use to manage objectives, performance reviews, and analyses of his team's performance. Table 4 describes some of the performance screens that can be accessed using the navigation bar.

Table 4. Performance Management Screens

My Team's Objectives

An explorer tree of the team's hierarchy. The objectives of the selected team member are displayed at the right of the explorer tree.

All Employees Objectives

An explorer tree showing the hierarchy of all employees in the organization. The objectives of the selected employee are displayed at the right of the explorer tree.

Corporate Objectives

Displays the organization's high-level goals. The Quick Picks list provides navigation links to related objectives such as an executive summary, core values, and frequently asked questions.

My Performance

Provides a history of objectives and reviews for the manager, including the status, overall rating, and whether the review is acknowledged. Click the links for each period to navigate to details for each performance period.

My Team's Performance

Lists the manager's reports and provides a performance history and status for each report. Click the Last Name link for the employee to view employment history. Click the Period link to view the details of the direct report's performance for each period.

Department Status Report

Provides an overview of the status of each manager's reviews, such as how many objectives and reviews are due, how many have been completed, and so on. The objectives and review status for each of the manager's direct reports is also displayed. The manager can click the Name link for each direct report and review the status of that manager's direct reports.

Ratings Distribution Report

Provides a Ratings Distribution matrix for each of the manager's direct reports for periodic and annual reviews.

Employee by Rating Report

Lists the manager's direct reports and shows the distribution rating for each for annual and periodic reviews and whether or not the distribution rating is approved.

360-degree Evaluation History

Lists the employees that are scheduled for a 360-degree evaluation, when the evaluation occurs, and the status of the evaluation.

My Key Performance Indicators

Lists the Key Performance Indicators selected by the employee.

My Team's Key Performance Indicators

Lists Key Performance Indicators shared by the employee and the employee's team.


Objectives Scorecard

Analytics Scorecard showing values for objectives.

Review Scorecard

Analytics Scorecard showing values for reviews.

This topic is included in Process of Setting Up Objectives and Reviews.

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