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Adding Employees for an Employee-Specific KPI

Complete this procedure if the KPI is Employee Specific and has an update method of Manual. This task describes how to manually add the employees who are tracking the KPI. The Value field shows the most current value for the KPI.

NOTE:  If the KPI is Employee Specific and has an update method of Siebel Analytics, then you should omit the following procedure, because the employee and KPI values are automatically populated during the update process.

To add employees tracking an employee-specific KPI

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Key Performance Indicators screen.
  2. In the KPI Definitions list, select the KPI, and then click the Global Employee KPIs view tab.
  3. Add a record and select the employee.
  4. Enter a value for the KPI.

NOTE:  To synchronize with the values found in the Scorecard and the Employee Objective KPIs view, you must click the Synchronize button. For more information, see Synchronize and Synchronize All Buttons.

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