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Defining Key Performance Indicators, Update Methods and Access Groups

When you define a Key performance indicator, you must first decide if the KPI is an Employee-Specific KPI or a Global KPI. You must also decide how the KPI value will be populated.

If the KPI is a Global KPI, then the value entered in the Global Value field is used to track the KPI If the KPI is an Employee-Specific KPI, the administrator adds the employees who are tracking the KPI and the values using the Global Employee KPI view.

The selected Update Method for the KPI, either manual or Siebel Analytics, determines how the KPI value is populated. If the Update Method is Siebel Analytics, you must also specify the Update Frequency and the Siebel Analytics Request that is to be used. For more information, see Configuring the Performance Scorecard Dashboard.

To define a key performance indicator, complete the steps in the following procedures:

This task is a step in Process of Administering and Using KPIs and Performance Scorecard.

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