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Specifying Review Periods for Ratings Distributions

As an administrator, you create a compensation plan and configure the ratings distribution option by specifying the review periods to be included in the ratings adjustments process.

This task is a step in Process of Working with Ratings Distributions.

To specify review periods for ratings distributions

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Compensation Planning screen.
  2. Choose Ratings Distribution from the visibility filters.
  3. In the list, choose a compensation plan and complete the fields in the form.

    The following table describes the fields.


    Annual Period

    Specifies the annual review year that is being adjusted.

    Period 1-4

    Specifies the periodic reviews that are displayed in the ratings adjustments view.

    Adjusted Period

    The actual period that is used to modify the ratings. The adjusted period is displayed in the ratings adjustments view and shows the number of employees in each rating category.

    Period edit flag check box

    Used to mark a period as being editable by the managers. Periods must have a status of PDA (Pending Distribution Approval) to allow editing.

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