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Process of Working with Ratings Distributions

The following lists show the procedures that administrators and managers typically perform to set up and use Ratings Distributions. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

Administrator Procedures

To set up ratings distributions, perform the following procedures:

  1. Defining Compensation Planning Cycles.

    Create a new planning cycle associated with the review period to be evaluated.

  2. Creating a Compensation Budget and Budget Type.

    If the ratings distribution process is not linked to a compensation budget, create and calculate a placeholder budget in which the budget type or employees are not specified.

  3. Associating a Compensation Component with a Planning Cycle.

    If the planning cycle involves compensation, add the compensation components required for the compensation cycle.

  4. Specifying Review Periods for Ratings Distributions.

    Create a compensation plan and configure the ratings distribution option.

Manager Procedures

To work with ratings distributions, perform the following procedures

  1. Adjusting and Submitting Team Ratings.

    Managers review the ratings distributions for the team, and adjust the ratings as necessary.

  2. Rolling Up and Rolling Down Compensation Plans.

    Managers can roll up and roll down the compensation plans of direct reports in the organization's hierarchy.

  3. Submitting Compensation Plans for Ratings Distribution Approval.

    Managers submit compensation plans for Ratings Distribution Approval.

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