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Rolling Up and Rolling Down Compensation Plans

Using the rollup and roll-down functionality, managers can access compensation plans that have not been submitted by reporting managers in the hierarchy.

For example, Manager 1 has two direct reports, Managers A and B. Manager B has two direct reports, Manager B1 and Manager B2.

Initially, Manager 1's compensation plan includes the compensation plans for Manager A and Manager B. If Manager 1 selects Manager B in the list and clicks Roll Up, then Manager 1's plan contains list records for Manager B1 and Manager B2. Manager 1 now has ownership of the compensation plans; when Manager A and B log in, they cannot access their plans.

If Manager 1 clicks Rollup All, then his plan contains the plans of Manager A and B, and Managers B1 and B2.

When Manager 1 clicks Roll Down, the process is reversed, and Managers A and B can again access their plans.

To roll up a direct report's compensation plan

  1. Navigate to the Compensation Planning screen > Team Workbook List view.
  2. In the Compensation Plans list, select the plan, and then click the applicable compensation component view.

    For example, click the Merit view tab.

  3. From the compensation component list, click Roll Up or Roll Up All.
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