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Submitting Compensation Plans for Ratings Distribution Approval

When the ratings adjustment process is complete, the manager submits a compensation plan with the manager's team's ratings to the next-level manager for rating distribution approval. The manager must have received all compensation plans from his direct reports before the manager can submit the compensation plan to the next-level manager.

If a first-level manager's plan has not been submitted for approval, the second-level manager can use the Roll Up and Roll Up All buttons to take ownership of those compensation plans and complete the curve fit process for the first level manager's direct reports. This action would be necessary, if, for example, a second-level manager completes the ratings process when a first-level manager is unavailable.

After submission, the reviews and rating distribution cannot be edited by the submitting manager, because they are now owned by the next-level manager. The submitting manager can, however, edit and add comments, even when the status is Pending Distribution Approval. The first-level manager can also see changes to ratings for his direct reports made by the next-level manager using the compensation planning tool.

This task is a step in Process of Working with Ratings Distributions.

To submit a compensation plan for approval

  1. Navigate to the Compensation Planning screen > Team Workbook List view.
  2. In the Compensation Plans list, select the compensation plan, and click Submit.

    The plan is automatically routed to the user identified in the Submit To field.

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