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Using Composite Datastreams in Reports

A report often requires a single frame to display data from multiple business components. Each frame gets data from its report section, and each report section has one datastream. Each datastream is associated with a single business component through the report object definition. Normally, a data control cannot see beyond the bounds of its report section.

The solution is to create a data row, global in scope, that is visible to the entire report, not just to its report section. You do this by putting a variable on the report design component. It is then possible to populate the control with the proper data.

The following tasks are required to create and use a global data row:

  1. Add global variables to the report design.
  2. Modify the master datastream component.
  3. Reference global variables in controls.

These steps are illustrated with the Quotestd.rod standard report. This report is the Current Quote report in the Reports menu in views in the Quotes screen.

In Figure 16, a sample of the report displays quote master information at the top and provides a subreport in the middle containing the list of individual quote line items.

Figure 16.  Current Quote Report Sample Page
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