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Adding Global Variables to the Report Design

To make the field values in the master data row available to the subreports, you need to define a global variable that holds the contents of the master data row. This is defined as a public static variable on the report design component, and its type is defined as having the same class as the master data row.

To create a global data row variable in the report design

  1. Expand the master datastream to view its child data row and note the data row's name.

    In the case of the Current Quote report (QUOTESTD), this name is ssQuoteDataRow, and the class is the same as the name because it has not been subclassed.

  2. Navigate to the report design, which is the top-level component, and right-click it. In the pop-up menu, select Properties.
  3. In the Properties window for the report design component, click the Variables tab.
  4. Click New. The Class Variable dialog box appears.
  5. Enter the following values:
    • In the Name field, enter MasterRow.
    • In the Type field, enter the previously noted data row class name.
    • Leave Externally Defined Data Type unchecked.
    • In the Storage radio button group, click Static.
    • In the Visibility picklist, select Public.
  6. Click OK to save the new variable.
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