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Modifying the Master Datastream Component

In this step, the master datastream component is modified to obtain the data for its data row component from the global data row variable. This is accomplished by overriding the Fetch method on the master datastream.

To override the Fetch method on the master datastream

  1. Navigate to the master datastream component (the datastream for the master report, rather than the subreport) and double-click it.

    In the Quotestd.rod report, this component is ssQuoteQueryAddGlobalRow.

    The Component Editor appears.

  2. In the Component Editor, choose the Methods tab.
  3. Select the Fetch method and click Override.
  4. Replace the existing code in the Method Editor with the following code (using the relevant master data row name, if other than ssQuoteDataRow):

       Function Fetch( ) As AcDataRow

       Dim aMasterRow As ssQuoteDataRow

          Set aMasterRow = Super::Fetch( )

          If aMasterRow Is Nothing Then

             Exit Function

          End If

          Set MasterRow = aMasterRow

          Set Fetch = MasterRow

       End Function

  5. Click Close.

The code in the Fetch method sets the MasterRow global variable to the contents of the row returned by the Super::Fetch operation, after first determining that the fetched record is not empty. Each time a master datastream record is obtained, the record in memory in MasterRow is replaced.

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