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Referencing Global Variables in Controls

Let's say, for example, that the name of the account needs to be referenced in each line item row.

To add the account name to line item rows

  1. Navigate to the content frame QuoteItemContent1 in the subreport.
  2. Make space for an account name between two fields.
  3. Open the sscustom.rol library, if it is not already open, and drag the ssTxtS component from the Library Browser window to the desired location in the content frame.

    The Component Properties dialog box opens for the new text control.

  4. In the ValueExp property in the Component Properties dialog box, enter the following value:


    This sets the text control to display the current value of the ssAccount field in the MasterRow global variable, which stores the current quote.

To use a value from the global variable in a text control, use the ValueExp property of the control, as in the example. The expression is of the following form:


For example:


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