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About Report Business Service Methods

The Report Business Service consists of methods that can be used in workflow processes or scripts. The following methods can be called in a workflow to automate report generation on the Reports Server.

NOTE:  The report business service methods always operate on the Reports Server. Therefore, the administrator should make sure that the Reports Server is installed, configured, and is up and running.

Table 34 lists the available business methods.

Table 34.  Report Business Service Methods Available for Reports
Name of Business Method


Deletes the specified user from the reports server encyclopedia and also removes the corresponding user folder. See DelOne for more information.


Downloads a report in PDF format from the reports server encyclopedia to the Siebel Server machine. See DownloadReport for more information.


Runs a report on the Reports Server. See ExecuteReport for more information.


Grants access of report to roles (view only). See GrantRolesAccess2Report for more information.


Grants access of report to other users (view only). See GrantUserAccess2Report for more information.


Prints a report to a valid printer. See PrintReport for more information.


Generates a report and sends it as an email attachment to one or more users. See RunAndEmailReport for more information.


Schedules a report on the Reports Server. See ScheduleReport for more information.


Synchronizes a single user on the Reports Server. See SyncOne for more information.

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