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About Single-Position Access Control

You can associate a single position to individual data. For example, in the My Quotes view, an employee logged in using a particular position can see only the quotes associated with that position. Some other views that apply single-position access control are My Forecasts and My Quotes.

The word My is frequently in the titles of views applying single-position access control. However, My does not always imply single-position access control. Some My views apply personal, organization, or team access control. For example, the My Activities view applies personal access control.

A business component's view modes determine whether single-position access control can be applied in a view that is based on the business component. To have single-position access control available, a business component must have a view mode (usually Sales Rep) of owner type Position with an entry in the Visibility Field column (instead of the Visibility MVField column).

For information about business component view modes, see Business Component View Modes.

For information about implementing access control in a view, see View Access Control Properties.

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