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About Team (Multiple-Position) Access Control

You can associate multiple positions, in the form of a team, to individual data. For example, in the My Opportunities view, an internal employee or partner with a particular active position can see all the opportunities for which that position is included in the opportunity's sales team.

A team may include internal and partner positions.

The display names for fields representing position teams vary with the view in which they appear. Some common views that apply team access control follow, with the display names for the field representing the team:

  • The My Opportunities view has a Sales Team field.
  • The My Accounts view has an Account Team field.
  • The My Contacts view has a Contact Team field.
  • The My Projects view has an Access List field.

Although the field for the team can contain multiple positions, only one name is displayed without drilling down. In a view that uses team access control, for example My Projects, the name of the active login is displayed. Other views, such as those using organization access control, may also have a field for the team. In these other views, the name of the login that occupies the primary position is displayed.

The word My is frequently in the titles of views applying team access control. However, My does not always imply team access control. Some My views apply personal, organization, or single-position access control. For example, the My Activities view applies personal access control.

A business component's view modes determine whether team access control can be applied in a view that is based on the business component. To have team access control available, a business component must have a view mode (usually Sales Rep) of owner type Position with entries in the Visibility MVField and Visibility MVLink columns (instead of the Visibility Field column).

One of a team's members is designated as the primary member. The primary member is a factor in manager access control, but not in team access control.

If a business component is configured for team access control, any new record added for that type of component follows this rule: the user who created the record is added to the record's team and is set to be the primary.

For information about business component view modes, see Business Component View Modes.

For information about implementing access control in a view, see View Access Control Properties.

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