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Changing the Siebel Administrator Password on UNIX

The Siebel Database Server installation script creates a Siebel administrator account that you can use to perform administrative tasks. The default user ID and password for this account are SADMIN and SADMIN (case-sensitive). You should change the password for this account.

NOTE:  Do not use ' or " (single or double quotation marks) as part of a password. Because quotation marks are used as special characters in some contexts, using them within a password may cause the password to be truncated. For example, the password abcde"f may be truncated to abcde.

For more information about setting up this account for initial use, see the Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

To change the password for the Siebel administrator database account

  1. End all client sessions and shut down the Siebel Server. Use the following command to shut down the server:

    SIEBSRVR_ROOT/bin/stop_server all

    NOTE:  In order to stop all Siebel Servers in the Siebel Enterprise, you must run this command on all Siebel Server machines.

  2. Use Server Manager to change the password in the Siebel Gateway Name Server.
    1. Log in at the Enterprise level.

    srvrmgr -g SiebelGatewayName -e EnterpriseServerName -u UserName -p Password

    1. At the Server Manager prompt, enter the following command:

    change enterprise param Password=NewPassword

  3. Change the password in the database.

    For more information, refer to your RDBMS documentation on changing passwords.

  4. Stop and restart the Siebel Gateway Name Server.



  5. Restart all Siebel Servers. Perform this step for each applicable Siebel Server.

    $SIEBEL_ROOT/ServerName/bin/start_server all

  6. Connect to the Server Manager and verify the password change:

    srvrmgr -g SiebelGatewayName -e EnterpriseServerName -s SiebelServerName -u SADMIN -p NewPassword

    You should be able to log in as SADMIN with the new password.

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