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Changing the Table Owner (DBO) Password

The Siebel Database Server installation script also creates a database Table Owner (DBO) account used to modify the Siebel database tables. The default user ID and password for this database account are SIEBEL and SIEBEL (case-sensitive). You should change the password for this account.

The Table Owner is used to reference table names in SQL statements that are generated by the Siebel application (for example, SELECT * FROM SIEBEL.S_APP_VER).

A corresponding parameter is configured for the Siebel Enterprise, named Table Owner (alias TableOwner). Siebel application modules such as Application Object Managers (AOMs) use this parameter value to provide the Table Owner name when generating SQL for database operations. You specify the Table Owner name during Siebel Enterprise Server configuration, which provides a value for this parameter.

A related parameter is Table Owner Password (alias TableOwnPass). For most database operations performed for Siebel Business Applications, the Table Owner password does not need to be provided. For this reason, this parameter is not configured during Siebel Enterprise Server configuration.

However, if the Table Owner Password parameter is not defined, then the Table Owner password may sometimes need to be provided manually.

Note the following requirements for changing the Table Owner password:

  • If you have not defined the Table Owner Password parameter, then the Table Owner password only has to be changed in the Siebel Database. (The changed password may also need to be provided manually for certain operations.)
  • If you have defined the Table Owner Password parameter, then you must also update the value for this parameter when you change the password in the Siebel Database.

To change the password for the Table Owner account

  1. Change the Table Owner password for the Enterprise, using Server Manager.
    1. Log into a Siebel employee application, such as Siebel Call Center.
    2. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Server Configuration > Enterprises.
    3. Click the Parameters tab.
    4. In the Enterprise Parameters list, locate the Table Owner Password parameter (alias TableOwnPass).
    5. In the Value field, type in the new value, then commit the record.
  2. If you have Siebel Developer Web Client users, also change the value for the TableOwnPass parameter in the [ServerDataSrc] section of each application configuration file, such as uagent.cfg for Siebel Call Center. This step must be done for each user's Siebel client installation.
  3. Change the password in the database.

    For more information on changing passwords, refer to your RDBMS documentation.

  4. Restart the Siebel Server.
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