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Modifying the Workflow Process for Forgotten Passwords

You can modify the User Registration Forgot Password Process workflow process in the following ways:

  • Make a comparison of null fields as well as fields for which the user has provided a value.
  • Request different identification data from the user.

In the User Registration Forgot Password Process workflow process, the Query User step invokes the FindContact method of the User Registration business service. This method queries the database for user records whose data matches the identification data provided by the user. If the query returns a unique record, the user can prove he or she owns the record by answering the challenge question.

Table 19 describes the arguments for the FindContact method.

Table 19. FindContact Method Arguments
Comments About Values

Input Arguments





The Input Argument field values are the field names in the User Registration business component that the FindContact business service queries for a match. The comparison is made with the process property values given in the Property Name field. These process properties collect the entries made by the user.

Output Field: Id

Output Field: Login Name

As given by the Input Argument field values, the FindContact method is requested to return the Id and Login Name field values for each user record whose field values match the entries by the user. A temporary table of values is defined in which the rows are the records returned and the columns are given by the Value field values. One row of the temporary table contains the ID for a returned record in the Id column and the record's Login Name in the Login Name column.

Output Arguments

Login Name

Siebel Operation Object Id


  • Each Property Name field value is a process property name. The Login Name and Siebel Operation Object Id process properties receive values if FindContact returns a unique matching record. If a unique record is not determined that matches the criteria, RegError receives an error value.
  • Siebel Operation Object Id is used to identify the user record for subsequent operations in the workflow process, and it receives its value from the temporary table's Id column, that is, the ID of the user record. The Login Name process property receives its value from the temporary table's Login Name column, that is, the Login Name of the user record.
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