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Modifying Workflow Process to Query Null Fields

By default, if a user completes fewer than all four fields on the User Information form, only the fields that a user completes are used in the query to find a unique matching record in the database. For example, if the user enters first and last name only, the query does not do any comparisons on the Email or Work Phone # fields.

You can specify that the Query User step (FindContact method in the User Registration business service) must also check that fields left empty by the user are confirmed to be NULL in the database record to conclude that a record is a match. To do so, you must add the QueryAllFields input argument with a value of Y to the Query User process step. By default, the value of this input argument is N.

You make this change by modifying the Query User step for a revised copy of the User Registration Forgot Password Process workflow process, then activating this copy. When you create input arguments, enter the fields and values described in Table 20.

Table 20. Values for QueryAllFields Input Argument

Input Argument






For detailed information about modifying workflow processes, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

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