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Uninstalling Non-Enterprise Servers or the SWSE

The process for uninstalling the Siebel Database Server, Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE), and EAI Connector files is virtually identical to the uninstallation of the Siebel Server, except the parameter you provide will be different.

To uninstall these products

  • Enter the following:

    uninstall.ksh product_name optional_arguments


    • product_name = The code for the product you want to uninstall:
      • eappweb (for the SWSE)
      • encryption (for Strong Encryption Pack)
      • ses (for the Siebel Enterprise Server components such as Siebel Gateway Name Server, Siebel Server, Siebel Database Server, EAI, and Siebel Sync Server)
      • thirdparty (for Siebel Reports Server)

        For example:

    uninstall.ksh eappweb

    uninstall.ksh ses -is:javaconsole -console

    uninstall.ksh ses -args SS_SETUP_INI=test.ini

For additional uninstallation information regarding the SWSE, see Restoring a Web Server After Uninstalling the SWSE.

Restoring a Web Server After Uninstalling the SWSE

After uninstalling your SWSE, you can restore your Web server using the following procedure.

To restore your Web server

  1. Copy all the backup configuration files, created during installation, referenced in the following example to their original location under the Web server directory.


    For example:


    • Solaris
      • start
      • config/mime.types
      • config/obj.conf
      • config/magnus.conf
    • AIX and HP-UX
      • conf/httpd.conf
      • conf/mime.types
  2. (HP-UX only) Reset any existing LANG variable to the actual directory that the symbolic link represents. If the environmental variable LANG is set to a directory name that is a symbolic link, the Java uninstaller for Siebel Server will fail.

    NOTE:  The LANG variable cannot be set to univ.utf8. This causes the uninstaller to fail.

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