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Uninstalling Siebel Reports Server

Review the following procedure when uninstalling the Siebel Reports Server software.

To uninstall Siebel Reports Server

  1. Stop the Actuate Process Management Daemon 7 process.
  2. Open a new shell.
  3. Navigate to $SIEBEL_ROOT/_uninst and enter the following command:

    uninstall.ksh thirdparty optional_arguments


    • optional_arguments = Any valid arguments that can be passed to the uninstaller, such as
      -is:javaconsole -console to run in console mode.

      You can append additional arguments to your command. For more information, see Additional Flags for Installation Commands.

      NOTE:  If you want to uninstall an incomplete or unsuccessful installation and you do not see the _uninst file in the $SIEBEL_ROOT directory, contact Technical Support for assistance.

      The Uninstaller screen appears, listing the products installed in this directory.

  4. From the Uninstaller screen, choose the products that you want to uninstall and click Next.

    NOTE:  You can choose to uninstall all Reports Server products at the same time, or you can choose to uninstall products individually.

    The Uninstaller Verification screen appears.

  5. Verify the products to be uninstalled and click Next.

    The Uninstaller Progress screen appears, showing the progress of file removal.

  6. When the Uninstaller displays the Uninstaller Success screen, click Finish.
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