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Modifying a Category

You can specify that you do not want to return feedback for specified categories to the KB file. You can also specify an Auto Response threshold per a category. The table in the following procedure describes fields in the Categories view that apply to the Auto Response feature. For more information, see Setting Up Auto Response. To modify the categories, perform the following tasks:

  • Add an Auto Response threshold to a category
  • Select the No Training option for a category

To select the No Training option for a category

  1. Navigate to Site Map > Catalog Administration > Smart Answer Settings.
  2. In the catalog list, click the catalog name.

    The Categories view appears.

  3. In the Categories list, select the category you want to change.

    NOTE:  If you have a hierarchical KB, some categories will have subcategories.

  4. In the Categories form, select the No Training check box.
  5. Use the table below to complete the necessary fields.
    Field Name
    Default Value



    System-filled. Name of the category. This name was imported with the KB catalog file.




    Parent Category

    [Branch name]

    System-filled. In a hierarchical KB, this is the name of the branch in which the category resides.

    Response Threshold


    Required for Auto Response. A value of 0-99 (an integer value) that represents the confidence level that must be reached before the automatic response will be sent.

    No Training checkbox


    Optional. Used for Smart Answer only. When OFF, feedback will be returned to and stored in the KB file for a category.

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