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Creating Additional Categories

You can add additional categories to an existing KB. To do so you need to make a copy of your existing KB file, open it in KB Editor and add a new category. These procedures are described below.

To add an additional category to your KB

  1. Copy the KB file to your project in Workbench, then open the KB file using KB Editor in Workbench.
  2. Add a new category.
  3. Review the corpus, and add text to the corpus for your new category.
  4. Select items you want to train on, and have some other category texts for regression.
  5. In the Create, Analyze, and Learn wizard, choose the "Apply learning to selected" option to apply learning to the new category.
  6. When you are finished, move the KB back to the CMS directory.
  7. Either import or manually add the new category to your catalog.
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