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Siebel Training Installation and Configuration Overview

Siebel Training can be deployed:

  • In conjunction with another Siebel application, such as Employee Relationship Management, Sales, Call Center, Service, Marketing, and Siebel Partner Manager
  • As a stand-alone application and as a partner application using the Partner Portal

Most Siebel Training software is installed as part of your Siebel Server installation. Your unique license key allows access to Siebel Training along with your other Siebel software applications. The Siebel Server Installation Guide for the operating system you are using describes how to create the Siebel Administrator account that is used to perform the administrator tasks described in this guide. Siebel Training uses Siebel Workflow to control enrollment processes, and it integrates with Siebel eSales to control order management processes.

Administrators typically use the following process steps when installing and configuring Siebel Training:

  1. Install and test a standard Web server.

    For more information on installing and testing a Web server, see the Siebel Server Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

  2. Verify that you have a supported database server ready to work with your Siebel software.
  3. Install the Siebel Gateway Name Server.
  4. Install the Siebel Server.
  5. If AICC or SCORM courses are to be imported, perform AICC or SCORM setup tasks.

    For more information, see Preparing for AICC and SCORM Course Import.

  6. Set up the Training Web site.

When your Siebel software has been installed, configured, and tested, you can set up your Training Web site.

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