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Administrator Setup Tasks

As a training administrator, you may perform the tasks listed in Table 2 using administration screens.

Table 2. Administrative Setup Tasks for Siebel Training
Administrative Task
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Set up Siebel Workflow processes and policies.

Verify and activate, if necessary, workflow processes, and configure workflow policies for Training email notification.

Verifying and Activating Training Workflow Processes

Configuring Workflow Policies for Training Email Notification

Siebel Training Workflow Processes

Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide

Set up Siebel Training communications drivers and email templates.

Configure the communications driver profile, and associate the email templates with the profile.


Setting Up Automatic Training Notification Messages

Configuring the Email Driver and Notification Templates for Training

Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide

Siebel System Administration Guide

Review and modify LOVs as needed.

Review and expand the lists of values (LOVs) before you begin to set up your Training Web site.

Navigate to the Applications Administration screen, and choose the List of Values view to review and add values.

Lists of Values (LOVs) for Training

Applications Administration Guide

(Optional) Edit eai.cfg and set system preferences.

If AICC or SCORM courses are to be launched, edit the eai.cfg file, and set system preferences for training.

Preparing for AICC and SCORM Course Import

(Optional) Create predefined queries (PDQs).

Create predefined queries for Siebel Training.

Applications Administration Guide


(Optional) Create a delegated administrator.

Set up a user to enroll other users in training through a nonadministrative view.

Setting Up a Delegated Training Administrator

Applications Administration Guide

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