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Configuring the Email Driver and Notification Templates for Training

If email notification will be used for training, you must:

  • Verify that the Training Email Notification templates are set up correctly by specifying two parameters in the third-party registration driver profile
  • Then, associate the templates to the driver profile

For more information on working with drivers and communications templates, see Siebel Communications Guide.

To configure the third-party registration communications driver

  1. Log into the application (for example, ERMAdmin) as the administrator.
  2. Navigate to the Administration - Communications screen > Communications Drivers and Profiles.
  3. In the Communications Drivers list, query for Internet SMTP/POP3 Server, and then select the Profiles view tab.
  4. In the Profiles list, select Third Party Registration Profile, and specify the parameters for this profile. The following values provided are examples, for more information, see Siebel Communications Guide:
    • SMTP Server: <smtp server name>
    • POP3 Server: <pop server name>
    • POP3 Account Name: <Account name>
    • POP3 Account Password: <Account password>
    • From Address: <Email address for Siebel application or to a configured email address>

      NOTE:  For UNIX, add Siebel Server: <Siebel server name>

  5. Save the modified profile.

To associate email templates with the third-party registration profile

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Communications screen > All Templates view.
  2. In the Templates list, query for *eTraining*.

    The query returns these templates:

    • Class Confirmation Email Package (eTraining)
    • Class Reminder Email Package (eTraining)
    • Class Waitlist-Open Email Package (eTraining)
    • Class Waitlist-Pending Email Package (eTraining)
    • Class Waitlisted Email Package (eTraining)
    • Course Confirmation Email Package (eTraining)
    • Third Party Registration Approve Email Package (eTraining)
    • eTraining Admin Class Cancellation Email
    • eTraining Class Cancellation Email
    • eTraining Class Logistics Email
    • eTraining User Class Cancellation Email
  3. In the Templates list, select a template, and click the Advanced view tab.
  4. In the form, select Third Party Registration Profile in the Delivery Profile field.
  5. Repeat Step 3 and Step 4 for each of the templates.

Running GenTrig and WorkMon After Restarting the Server

After you set up the communications driver profile for training, and restart the Siebel Server, you must rerun two server tasks, GenTrig and WorkMon, in srvrmgr for Class Confirmation Email, Class Waitlisted Email and Course Confirmation Email. Before you run the server tasks, make sure that Workflow Management and the training component groups are enabled.

After the student registers for a class, the class confirmation email is sent. The reminder email is sent 10 days before the class begins. Use the Duration field in the eTraining Class Reminder Email workflow policy (Administration - Business Process screen > Policies List view) to change the number of days before the email is sent. Any time a policy is changed, the triggers need to be regenerated.

For example, the student registers for a class that starts in three days. The first email the student gets is the class confirmation email and then, after workmon is run in Batch Mode, the class reminder email is sent to the student.

NOTE:  These server tasks must be rerun each time the Siebel Server is restarted.

To run GenTrig and WorkMon

  1. Connect to srvrmgr, navigate to $siebsrvr\bin, and use the command:

    "srvrmgr /g gtwysrvr /s siebsrvr /e siebel /u user /p password"
    "start task for comp Gentrig with Exec="TRUE", PrivUser="your_privilege_username", PrivUserPass="your_password"
    "list task for comp gentrig"

    For "your_privilege_username," use the same format as your password.

  2. If the status is Completed, run workmon:

    "start task for comp workmon with SleepTime=10, Groupname="eTraining Group", RetryInterval=1, ActionInterval=1"
    "list task for comp workmon"

    If the status is Running, email notification setup is completed.

  3. Run the workmon task in Batch Mode again for Class Reminder Email:

    "start task for comp workmon with SleepTime=10, Groupname="eTraining Group", RetryInterval=1, ActionInterval=1, BatchMode=TRUE"

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