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The SCORM Specification and Siebel Training

The SCORM standard mandates that learning resources be reusable and interoperable across multiple Learning Management Systems (LMS), such as Siebel Training.

For this to be possible, there must be a:

  • Common way to start learning resources
  • Common mechanism for learning resources to communicate with an LMS
  • Predefined language or vocabulary forming the basis of the communication

These three aspects of the SCORM run-time environment are Launch, Application Program Interface (API), and Data Model.

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SCORM Run-Time Data Exchange Using API Adapter Protocol

As shown in Figure 3, in the SCORM run-time environment Siebel Training launches the Sharable Content Object (SCO), which is a collection of one or more assets.

Figure 3. SCORM Run-Time Environment
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About the Launch Mechanism

The Launch mechanism presents a common way for the LMS to start Web-based learning resources. This mechanism defines the procedures and responsibilities for the establishment of communication between the delivered learning resource and the LMS. The communication protocols are standardized through the use of a common API.

The API is the communication mechanism used to inform the LMS of the state of the learning resource (for example, initialized, finished, or in an error condition). It is also used to get and set data (score, time limits, and so on) between the LMS and the Sharable Content Object (SCO).

Data Model and Asset Defined

A Data Model is a standard set of data elements used to define the information being communicated, such as, the status of the learning resource. In its simplest form, the data model defines elements that both the LMS and SCO are expected to know about. The LMS must maintain the state of required data elements across sessions, and the learning content must use only these predefined data elements if reuse across multiple systems is to occur.

Assets are electronic representations of media text images, sound, Web pages, assessment objects, or other pieces of data that can be delivered on the Web client. Some examples of assets are HTML, WAV, GIF, and XML files or JavaScript functions, which include a specific launchable asset that uses the SCORM run-time environment to communicate with Siebel Training.

Although the SCO typically uses JavaScript to talk to the API adapter, it is not a requirement. Siebel Training launches the SCO and API adapter, and the API adapter communicates with the SCO.

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