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The AICC Specification and Siebel Training

Siebel Training stores information about imported training content based on the AICC standard format and communicates with the content.

AICC specifications define the data structure for the course import, as well as the interaction for the run-time execution of the content. Siebel Training supports the following AICC requirements:

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AICC Course Launch Processes

AICC Data Model Support

Siebel Training supports the AICC Level 1 data model, maintaining the course data structure for course import, URL creation, course launching, and tracking. As shown in Figure 2, the course data structure includes the following principles:

  • Lessons are learning objects or training content.
  • Courses are groupings of one or many lessons.
  • Lessons can be grouped into blocks.
  • Only lessons can be launched and must be associated with a URL to launch in HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Blocks and courses cannot be launched.
Figure 2. AICC Course Structure
Level 1 - Compliant Course Structure Defined

AICC defines Level 1-compliant course structure using the files shown in Table 6.

Table 6. Level 1 - Compliant Course Structure


This is the Course File, which contains information about the course as a whole, including the group of different lessons in the course's hierarchy.


This is the Assignable Unit File, which provides information relating to the assignable units (AU) in the course.

An AU file is the smallest element of instruction or testing to which a student may be routed, assigned, or tracked by Siebel Training.


This is the Descriptor File, which gives a list of every course element in the course.


This is the Course Structure File, which provides basic data on the structure of the course.

NOTE:  The CST file does not enforce prerequisites.

For AICC data file structure details and examples, see AICC and SCORM File Structure.

Run-Time AICC Data Exchange Using HACP or API Adapter Protocols

Siebel Training exchanges run-time data with the launched AICC content using either of the following protocols:

  • HACP, an HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)-based AICC Computer-Managed Instruction protocol
  • API, the Application Program Interface adapter protocol

These launch protocols allow Siebel Training end users to click a link to launch the course content using HTTP to a specified URL.

During run time, Siebel Training interacts with the launched content to exchange specified data. This interaction causes data to be passed back and forth between the Siebel Training and the AICC-format content, so that the course begins at the appropriate point when launched, and data, such as test results, can be stored in Siebel Training when the user has completed the course.

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