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Process of Importing an AICC or SCORM Course

The following list shows the procedures that administrators typically perform when importing an AICC or SCORM course into Siebel Training. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

To import AICC/SCORM courses into Siebel Training, the administrator performs the procedures in the following list:

  1. Browses directories to locate AICC or SCORM files.
  2. Imports the files into the Learning Management System (LMS) by performing the following procedures:
    1. Preparing for AICC and SCORM Course Import
    2. Importing an AICC Course into Siebel Training
    3. Importing a Packaged SCORM Course into Siebel Training
    4. Importing an Unpackaged SCORM Course into Siebel Training

      The following system processes occur:

    • The LMS imports the files and creates the file structure.
    • The data is stored in the Siebel database.
    • The LMS populates the relevant fields.
  3. Edits the course details and adds additional information.
  4. Reviews the end user performance data.
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