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Importing an AICC Course into Siebel Training

Perform the steps in the following procedure to import an AICC course into Siebel Training.

This task is a step in Process of Importing an AICC or SCORM Course.

To import an AICC course

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Training screen > Course Details view.
  2. In the Courses list, click the menu button, and choose Import AICC.
  3. In the Import from AICC dialog box, enter the URL corresponding to the location of the files in the URL of the AU file field.
  4. In the Launch Type field, specify the protocol for the course you are importing, and click Import.

    The Import dialog closes, and the Course Details view shows a single record.

    NOTE:  AICC does not provide a method to specify the run-time protocol in the imported files. The administrator must determine which protocol is correct before importing the course. In the majority of cases, AICC files use the HACP protocol.

  5. Verify the course information, and click the Lessons view tab.

    NOTE:  Completion Criteria should be set to Launch Based.

  6. In the Lessons list, verify that all imported lessons appear and that the field values match the information in the imported files.
    • The field is blank if the data is not present in the original file.
    • The Status field value for each lesson should be Active.
    • The URL field value is the URL value specified in the import file.
  7. (Optional) If the course is for credit, set the Units field in the Course More Info form to a nonzero value.
  8. In the course record, change the value in the Status field from Inactive to Active.

    Changing the status to Active allows course enrollment.

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