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Lesson Content and Siebel Training on Different Servers

You can use an alternative method to address the API adapter cross-server security issue when the lesson content is hosted on a server other than the LMS server.

NOTE:  Placing the lesson content and Siebel Training on the same server is preferred (see Lesson Content and Siebel Training on the Same Server), because using the method described in this section requires modification of lesson content files.

The two servers must still be in the same second-level domain for this approach to work. For example, Siebel Training could be located at, and the lesson content could be located at This approach does not work if the second-level domains are different (for example, and For hostnames in country-specific top-level domains, the names to the third level must match, for example. and

Files That Must be Modified

For Siebel Training and the lesson content to interact in this way, two sets of files must be modified:

  • The Siebel API adapter wrapper files
  • The lesson content API locator files

The Siebel API adapter wrapper is implemented in these three files:

  • <applicationRoot>/LMS/LmsLessonAdapter.html
  • <applicationRoot>/LMS/LmsScripts.html
  • <applicationRoot>/LMS/LmsEmpty.html

Example File Path

For example, the file path might be erm_enu/LmsLessonAdapter.html.

In each of these files, there are JavaScript if (false) statements that are clearly commented in this way:

// Change to 'true' for cross-server hosting.

if (false)


Change each of the false statements to true. There are a total of four instances that should be changed (one each in LmsLessonAdapter.html and LmsEmpty.html and two in LmsScripts.html).

NOTE:  Whatever scripts or code the lesson content uses to locate the API adapter, the scripts or code must also be changed in a similar way to set the domain property to the same domain. The set of changes should be done if the lesson content requires the changes. Contact the lesson content vendor for details.

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