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Lesson Content and Siebel Training on the Same Server

A method used as a solution to the API adapter cross-server security issue is to place the lesson content on the same Web server as the Siebel Training application. How this placement is accomplished depends on the Web server being used and the lesson content itself. This approach is preferred because it is the simplest.

Example of Placing Lesson Content and Siebel Training on Same Server

For this example, assume that you have an AICC course and its import files (AU, and so on), that you are using Microsoft IIS as the Web server for the Siebel Training, and that Siebel Training is accessible at the URL http://myserver/erm_enu.

The administrator uses the Internet Services Manager application to create a new virtual directory (in this case named SampleContent), and then establishes content properties. Figure 4 shows the Internet Services Manager Sample Content Properties screen that you can use to set sample content properties.

Figure 4. Sample Content Properties for the Virtual Directory

The administrator then places the AICC files in a subdirectory of the SampleContent virtual directory called TestAICC, so that the files are accessible using a URL similar to the following:


Assuming the AICC import files have been set up properly with this URL and that the course is imported and activated, when a user registers for the course and launches a lesson within the course, the lesson content is loaded from the URL http://myserver/SampleContent/TestAICC. Because this is the same server name (myserver) as the Siebel application, the lesson content can access the API adapter without error.

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